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Terms and Conditions

Fair and Transparent Use of Provided Content


1.  Any and all content, created by the service provider, is strictly for the download and upload of the paying client only, or as per its stated use on the accompanying invoice, being the products/shoots description or the name of the client.


2.  Content is not to be shared with third parties or used for any purpose other than stated on the accompanying invoice. Unless otherwise agreed in advance, between the service provider and client.


3.  If content is shared with third parties, without an agreement in place between the service provider and client, a new invoice, equal to the total amount of that service/product, will be issued to the third party.


4.  If content is, in fact, for third party use, then the client must exercise fairness and honesty, so the service provider can work with that third party client to communicate, plan and charge accordingly.


5.  Content is not to be re-edited or duplicated through any means, including but not limited to softwares or editing apps. Any additional edits or duplicates must be requested of the service provider, by the client, and charge accordingly.


6.  Prices and quotes do not include RAW footage or imagery. Requests for RAW footage or imagery will be subject to an additional charge. Quoted shoot prices are based on edited deliverables and final usable content only.

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1.  If content is late and passes its longest return time of 4 weeks, a refund will be provided of 10% of the original shoot price, for every 5 working days the content is overdue.

2. No refunds unless the service provider is unable to complete delivery

3. Fair Expectations and Duties of Both Parties;

1.  If any issues arise on the day of the shoot i.e - adverse weather, transport issues, public location issues, private location issues, equipment malfunctions, then the service provider and client must work together to overcome these issues or agree a suitable plan to minimise the impact on the shoot and relationship.

2.  It is the duty of the client, to ensure that they themselves and all extra persons involved in the shoot are prepared, briefed and compliant with all plans and agreed goals. This includes but is not limited to being on time, having correct props or apparel, being made aware of any acting/speaking rolls and also confident in their own personal health. The service provider will not be held accountable for persons who are uncomfortable at viewing themselves upon review of the content.

3.  The service provider will endeavour to use all tools at their disposal, to create the best  content possible, for the client. This includes but is not limited to non copyrighted music, editing tools and graphics. The client must state, in advance, if there are specific tools they wish the service provider to use. Otherwise, the service provider will use the best available tools, for the final product, and will not be held accountable for any copyright or infringement issues that the content may cause.

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